TAKT Construction Services Ltd.

Architectural & Specialty Concrete Formwork

Architectural concrete is a specific cement finish subcategory that incorporates an aesthetic finish with a unique structural capability to produce an exceptional finished product. TAKT Construction services can achieve a decorative and architectural appearance by applying special ingredients and finishing techniques to allow for a nearly unlimited variety of effects. The process can be used for precast and tilt-up concrete and repair and retrofit applications among many, to enhance almost any project.

TAKT Constructions Services can remodel, rebuild and enhance virtually any interior or exterior surface using architectural concrete formwork.

We provide formwork for:

  • custom residential work
  • commercial or industrial underground parkades
  • water features
  • hardscapes
  • seismic upgrades
  • formwork design
  • structural excavation
  • structural concrete
  • tilt up concrete buildings
  • single level commercial building foundations
  • specialty concrete forming for custom work
  • architectural concrete
  • color concrete
  • concrete countertops
  • concrete floors
  • driveways
  • concrete demolition and excavation services
  • infrastructure

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